Disability Royal Commission
On 5 April 2019, the Prime Minister, the Hon Scott Morrison MP and former Minister for Families and Social Services, the Hon Paul Fletcher MP, announced the establishment of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability (Disability Royal Commission).
In Australia, royal commissions are the highest form of inquiry on matters of public importance.
The Disability Royal Commission wants to hear from the Australian community about experiences of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability.
People can tell the Disability Royal Commission about their experiences of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation by phone, in writing, or by making an audio or video recording.
The Disability Royal Commission will run for three years until 2022.
For information about the work of the Disability Royal Commission call 1800 517 199 or visit disability.royalcommission.gov.au.

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Advocacy Video
Counselling Video
Counselling and advocacy support is available for people who have experienced or witnessed violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation, or would like support to engage with the Disability Royal Commission.
Support is:
– Free
– Independent
– Confidential
– Delivered by providers who understand the needs of people with disability.
If you would like support or to find out more, call us on phone number or visit www.dss.gov.au/disability-royal-commission-support. Support is here for you.
Mackay Advocacy was part of eight national disability representative and other advocacy organisations that made a joint submission to the Disability Royal Commission calling for an end to the segregation of people with disability in schools, workplaces and housing. You can access the full position paper on the Disabled People’s Organisations Australia (DPOA) website. https://dpoa.org.au/endsegregation/

Di and Carley from the First Nations Team of the Disability Royal Commission visited the office of Mackay Advocacy in September.

BACK – Melissa, Nina, Juanita & Carley

FRONT – Karen & Di

Are you thinking about sharing your story with the Disability Royal Commission and would you like legal support?
Watch this short video explaining the types of free legal support Your Story can offer you: